Fawzia Mai Tung is a BIPOC author of #ownvoice and #livedexperience books. Her writing draw from her experience as Chinese Muslim, world traveler, diplomat’s daughter, journalist, psychiatrist, educator, mother of seven and grandmother.

Welcome to Rooster Reads! Let’s discuss the books and movies I’m experiencing on my trek in the world of literature. I’ve assigned myself a tight schedule of two books and four movies a week, covering all genres, including those I don’t actually like. Thank you for joining me on this adventure!

Quotes from Fawzia’s Writing

There and then, I fell in love with Amman. Spring mornings are not the only enchanting moments in the City of the Seven Hills. Sunsets are a regular wonder. You see, the old houses are built with limestone blocks roughly hewn on the outside. When the sun sets, the rays reflect back and forth from hill to hill off these stones, and the entire city is bathed in a golden pink aura.

Mirror in the Sand

“It’s just a rumor that giants eat little children,” she said. “I’ve never heard of a single mother claiming her child was eaten by a giant.”

Little Jack and the Giants

What choice did she have in her own destiny? No one ever dared disobey an imperial edict for that would mean the death penalty.  Leaving behind husband, palace, silks and jewels, Yu-Huan shaved her head, entered the convent, and took on the tonsured name of Tai-Zhen. For eight years, she prayed and meditated, recited mantras and fasted. Perhaps, she found peace there.

Song of Everlasting Regret

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