Review #11: How to Murder Your Wife

1965 movie directed by Richard Quine, starring Jack Lemmon, Virna Lisi, and Terry-Thomas This of course, is the 1965 poster, a very misleading one, by the way, while the new one on Amazon Prime is much more attractive. I hesitated before watching it, since the premise seems rather dark and not comedy material. I alsoContinue reading “Review #11: How to Murder Your Wife”

Review #10: Queen Marie

I’m always unabashedly drawn to historical movies with strong women figures, and stumbling on this 2019 movie on Prime caused a knee-jerk reaction: gotta see this one! My immediate reaction, during and right after the viewing was, Men! What jerks! So, Queen Marie was queen of Romania; in fact she was the last queen ofContinue reading “Review #10: Queen Marie”

Review #9

Mucize (Turkish movie) “Mucize” (pronounced moo-jee-zay), meaning Miracle, is a Turkish movie produced in 2015. It is available on Netflix with English subtitles. It never won any awards, and only gathered 69% on Rotten Tomatoes. However, it was popular enough to spur the production of a Miracle 2: Love in 2019. It’s not difficult toContinue reading “Review #9”

Review #6

The Red Thread, by Ann Hood I usually try to avoid critiquing books or movies that I know are going to make me spew out negative after negative remark. I “read” this book on Audible a couple of weeks ago, and tried avoiding reviewing it, but somehow cannot. I must speak out on cultural appropriation.Continue reading “Review #6”

Review #5: The week’s harvest

This week, I watched All About Eve, Tick, Tick… Boom!, and The Perks of Being a Wallflower; and I listened to: A Heartbreaking Work of Staggering Genius, and Hiding in the Spotlight. I couldn’t decide which one to review, so I’m going to pile my comments on all of them. Actually, I was wondering whetherContinue reading “Review #5: The week’s harvest”

Ramble#4: Goat Days

by Benyamin [I’ve changed the title from Review to Ramble because I find that I’m not just reviewing the book but rambling about other related topics.] I was looking for a novel, in the world literature category, preferably from Asia, from the 20th century or later. What attracted me to Goat Days was the premise,Continue reading “Ramble#4: Goat Days”

Review #3: Drawing from Memory

by Allen Say Published in 2011 by Scholastic Inc. In short, I LOVED this book! It’s a picture book, soft cover, slightly narrower and shorter than an A4 size. And it’s probably meant to be a read-to-your-child type book. Let me say here that I prefer soft covers because they’re so much easier to handle,Continue reading “Review #3: Drawing from Memory”

Review #2: Snow White

1987 American movie / musical starring Diana Rigg I jumped on this movie because I’d never heard of it before! Diana Rigg was one of my favorite British actresses, especially because of her role in The Avengers –the 1960’s TV series, not the recent Marvel movie. Then, I realized she couldn’t have taken the roleContinue reading “Review #2: Snow White”

Review #1: The Love and Lies of Rukhsana Ali

By Sabina Khan The review claims that this book “will break your heart and then piece it back together”. Right. Let’s see whether it will break mine. I was looking for a BIPOC author and Sabina Khan definitely is one, hailing from Bangladesh ethnically and presently living in the US. This book is categorized asContinue reading “Review #1: The Love and Lies of Rukhsana Ali”